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Plug-N-Patch Plumbers Epoxy Adhesive

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General Overview


    • Household Plumbing
    • Drains
    • Water Tanks
    • Gutters
    • Pools
    • Fountains
    • Stops Leaks Instantly
    • Hand-Moldable Putty
    • Interior and Exterior Use
    • Can Be Drilled, Shaped,
    • Threaded or Painted
    • Will Not Shrink
    • Great for Emergency Repairs,
    • Permanent in 1 Hour
    • Works on Wet or Dry Surfaces
    • Plastic Pipe, PVC, ABS, Wood,
    • Metal, Fiberglass, Aluminum
    • Virtually Any Surface!
  • Set time 5 minutes, Cures and can be handled in about 30 minutes, Full cure overnight, Color: White, Bond strength 3000 Lbs., Hardness: Rigid, Waterproof: Yes, Flammable: No, Temp Range: -30F to 250F

Tips, Tricks & How-Tos

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Safety Information

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Plug-N-Patch Plumbers Epoxy Adhesive
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Manufacturer: Power Poxy
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